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wingchick99's Journal

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I'm 29-year-old single mother of a wonderful little boy. He just turned 8 months on the 11th. I have red hair and brown eyes I'm about 5 foot 9.

I love to read and write and am in the middle of writing a romance novel i hope to get published one day. I spend a lot of time with my friends and family

Im in school studying to be a medical biller.

I spend my time writing, doing crafts, sewing, hanging out with my friends and family, shopping. AND RELAXING

IM a big red wings fan. I have one dog shes a pitt and is my secong baby. I live with a roommate who is also my best friend and father of my child but I would like to kill him at times. No we are not in a relationship and if you want to know my personal life you need to add me